About the Original Ghost Walk of York

Guiding Team

All guides are City, County (Blue Badge) or Equity Qualified - one has a degree in Yorkshire history! We can conduct or advise on tours in Yorkshire or across England's North Country.

We all admit to a love for "live" theatre and our work includes; lectures across Britain and Europe; research for TV programme's; performing in York Mystery Plays, Jorvik Festival, Early Music Festival and local theatre and radio.

Ad Finem

The Walk was established before 1973 and was an original creation believed to be the first in the world. The Walk aims to be accurate, authentic and genuine, exploring a world of folklore, legend and dreams. We do not need to stage manage tricks or gimmicks but remain above all a fun night out.

We promise a unique opportunity to discover the hidden magic of our Ancient City through the real art of storytelling. Tales are drawn from the immense History of York and are told against a backdrop of haunting beauty. We walk in the very footsteps of those who have passed before.

As a result of our success, our stories are renowned and retold all over the world.

Recommended and seen on Sky Sports, Sky - Austin Mitchell, BBC - Pebble Mill, Channel 4, Scottish Passport, Hong Kong TVB, USA - Laura McKenzie and Roger Ebert, Australia - Jeff Watson, plus Belgian, Scandanavian and German television.

Performed regularly for local radio also BBC World Service, Travel Programme's - Sue Cook, Valerie Singleton, Judith Charmers and Claire Grogan, plus New Zealand and Norwegian Radio Dramas.

Featured extensively in magazines - ME, Woman's Own, in newspapers - Sunday Times, Sunday Post, Daily Telegraph, Sun, Guardian and similar around the world from Canada to Brazil.


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Latest Guests

Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfuss, Local Band Elliot Minor, the fantastic Mighty Boosh and Barry Cryer are just some of the latest guests to enjoy The Original Ghost Walk of York.


Tel: 01759 373090 or 01904 764222 ghostwalk.ofyork@talk21.com

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The Ghost walk of York explores all aspects of the supernatural & recommends & directs people to the latest available literature pioneering theories & experiments:
Klaus Heinemann talks to The Times about his Orb research. Read Here


The Third Man Factor (Surviving the Imposssible) by John Geiger.
The Never Ending Days of Being Dead by Marcus Chown